Corina Rudel

Web Developer with a Focus on the Front-End

Munich, Germany

Hi, I'm Corina, a web developer in Munich, Germany, with a focus on the front-end and a passion for user experience. Since the late '90s, I have been working on web projects, sometimes on the full stack (conception, design, development), sometimes as an expert in a team.

I'm always trying to stay up-to-date with the fast pace of web technologies, but I won't blindly follow every hype. I prefer to choose the technologies that are the best fit for your project and your users, and I will gladly learn every system, technology, methodology or framework that is needed. Of course, I like working with cutting-edge technology, but I also value the challenge of getting the best out of a legacy code base. I always put the user first and deeply care about usability and accessibility in every project I work on.